Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the proper timeframe that qualifies a project?

No more than two years prior to  the submission year.   For example, projects submitted in 2022 must have started no earlier than 2020. 

2.  When am I able to submit a project?

The submission window is open all year up until 30 days prior to the event day.

3. How do I recall my submission (ex. If I left my company, company request to remove…) ?

Email Steve Hodgson at:

4. When are winners announced?

Awards are announced at our Tribute event.  Submitters should make every effort to attend the celebration.

5. How do you ensure the judging is fair?

Judges names are not shared to members or the board of directors.  Submitter and company information are removed from the project submission.

6. Should I include names or identifiers in my submission? 

Please refrain from including information in the body of your submission.

7. Are attachments allowed?

Yes.  Please do not include any company branding or identifying information.


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