Tribute to Learning Submission Guidelines

Submissions should focus on projects and initiatives that took place from January 2023 through January 2024. 

We have aligned our submission process to the ATD Talent Development Capability Model.  ATD Chapter members are encouraged to submit a summary of projects or initiatives that exemplify how this Model has impacted your success. See the full Model at

Successful submissions will answer the five questions that follow with thorough information and details outlining how they addressed a need. TIPS: Include data and formulas to support your narrative, and provide the titles of key stakeholders.

Submissions should align with one of the three Capability Domains:

Developing Personal Capability
Embodies the foundational, or “enabling” abilities all working professionals should possess to be effective in the business world.  These largely interpersonal skills, often called “soft skills” are needed to build effective organizational or team culture, trust, and engagement.

Building Professional Capability
Embodies the knowledge and skills TD professionals should possess to be effective in their roles of creating the processes, systems, and frameworks that foster learning, maximize individual performance, and develop the capacity and potential of employees.

Impacting Organizational Capability
Embodies the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed by professionals to ensure talent development is a primary mechanism driving organizational performance, productivity, and results.

Important Information:
To help you maximize your word count, avoid sharing information about your company that might typically be found in a press release.  If there is information you feel that might help e.g. annual revenue, employee amount, location(s) that supports how you executed your submission, please include those numbers / statistics.  Include information such as “winner of JD Powers & Associates Customer Satisfaction award” if it supports your narrative.

Awards will be granted to the top three entries. The Domain Category will not impact the selection process and submissions do not guarantee an award.

You are welcome to submit multiple projects and initiatives. However, you will only be eligible to win one award.

Submissions are due by February 20, 2024. This deadline will not be extended.


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