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  • 29 Jun 2022
  • 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM
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We all grew up with knowing the phrase "Reading is FUN-damental". Our parents and teachers used the phrase to get us excited about reading and opening our minds to new possibilities. Well, now that we are professionals, Reading is STILL Fun-damental. The Las Vegas Library of Learning invites you to join us in reading and discussing "Measurement Demystified: Creating your L&D Measurement, Analytics, and Reporting Strategy" by David Vance and Peggy Parskey on Wednesday, June 29, 4:00-5:30 p.m. 

Most people find measurement, analytics, and reporting daunting—and L&D professionals are no different. As these practices have become critically important for organizations’ efforts to improve performance, talent development professionals have often been slow to embrace them for many reasons, including the seeming complexity and challenge of the practices. Few organizations have a well-thought-out measurement and reporting strategy, and there are often scant resources, limited time, and imperfect data to work with when organizations do attempt to create one.

Measurement Demystified: Creating Your L&D Measurement, Analytics, and Reporting Strategy is a much-needed and welcomed resource that breaks new ground with a framework to simplify the discussion of measurement, analytics, and reporting as it relates to L&D and talent development practitioners. This book helps practitioners select and use the right measures for the right reasons; select, create, and use the right types of reports; and create a comprehensive measurement and reporting strategy.

Recognizing the angst and reluctance people often show in these areas, authors and experts David Vance and Peggy Parskey break down the practices and processes by providing a common language and an easy-to-use structure. They describe five types of reports, four broad reasons to measure, and three categories of measures. Their method works for large and small organizations, even if yours is an L&D staff of one or two. The guidance remains the same: Start small and grow.

Measurement Demystified is a great first book for talent development professionals with no prior knowledge of or experience with measurement and a valuable resource for measurement experts. Those adept at lower levels of training evaluation will grow their knowledge base and capabilities, while measurement experts will discover shortcuts and nuggets of information to enhance their practices. A more comprehensive treatment of these important topics will not be found elsewhere

You can purchase the book at both the ATD Store - or Amazon - Don't forget to use your ATD CHip Code or your Amazon SMILE account when you purchase the book.

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