Minimalist Leadership for the Modern Workplace

  • 17 Jun 2022
  • 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM
  • Live On-Line Event (log-in information provided after registration)
  • 34



Minimalist Leadership for the Modern Workplace: Four practices to double your team's performance without doubling your effort

Onsite, remote, hybrid… Gen X, Millennials, and now Gen Z. The modern workplace is more diverse than it has ever been, and it’s not just location. Everything is different than it used to be, and with newer generations entering the workforce, everyone is different, too. The common refrain: how do we LEAD when things are so different than they used to be?

What we used to call “leadership” is no longer serving us. Just look at all that’s happened with The Great Resignation.

We’re all looking for ways to be effective without working around the clock. Being a leader or manager doesn’t have to mean taking on extra work, especially when your team has questions or doesn’t know how to get something done. You don’t need to be their gopher! What you need is to be a MINIMALIST LEADER.

In this session, discover four practices that will empower you to double your team's performance without doubling your effort. Discover what it takes to transform your team of doers into a team of leaders. Discover what it is to be a leader in today's workplace and leave the session ready to be a Minimalist Leader.

Session Objectives:

  • Examine the traits a person must demonstrate today to be viewed as a leader by the people they work with (HINT: this is NOT what it used to be)
  • Distinguish four minimalist leadership practices to embody the traits from LO # 1 and employ with any team to double their performance without doubling effort required by the leader
  • Identify the next actionable step each participant can take to bring these practices to life in their professional situation

Danny Hadas is a # 1 bestselling author, leadership coach, and former consultant to the world’s most iconic brands. Since 2008, his work has impacted millions of people across 500+ companies worldwide, including Disney, BMW, and AT&T. As the founder of The Emovation Project, Danny transforms great business managers into extraordinary business leaders by teaching them Minimalist Leadership: an approach which empowers leaders to double their team's performance without doubling their effort. When Danny’s not sharing Minimalist Leadership, he’s with his amazing wife. Together, they raise their son and lead growth and development programs aimed to cause tremendous breakthroughs in people’s lives. Their partnership serves to redefine what’s possible for the world.

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