2017 Tribute to Learning Winners

28 Feb 2018 9:00 PM | Britne Jenke (Administrator)

Tonight we celebrated the work of our chapter members in 2017 at our annual Tribute to Learning Awards.

The ATD Greater Las Vegas Chapter's annual Tribute to Learning Awards recognizes organizations for their creativity, innovation and futuristic approaches to learning. Each year we look for the best learning leaders in southern Nevada.

The awards are based on an area of expertise on the ATD Competency Model. Each nomination included the following information in their submission, in relation to how well it related to the Area of Expertise:

  • How was this area of expertise incorporated into your submission?
  • How was the area of expertise executed?
  • What was the business impact?
  • What did you learn from this experience?
Please congratulate our winners on their hard work!

Click here to see more photos from the awards dinner.

Instructional Design - Agilysys

Instructional Design concentrates on the ability to design and develop informal and formal learning solutions using a variety of methods.

The winner of this category succinctly addressed each of the key action items for this Area of Expertise: detailing the efforts in conducting a need assessment, identifying a learning approach to meet the needs of the business and the learners, collaborating with customer groups and subject matter experts, and selecting on-the-job compatible technology. The time and expense savings realized in the training process has enabled this company to spend increased efforts in coaching for the transfer of learning.

Knowledge Management - Aristocrat Technologies

The Knowledge Management Area of Expertise references the ability to capture, distribute & archive intellectual capital to encourage knowledge-sharing & collaboration.

This year’s winner designed a solution that addressed the knowledge gaps in several functional areas. Collaborating with leaders of each area, a mobile and web-based app was developed that housed resources from several systems across the business, specific to the work group. The system allows users to rapidly collaborate and change materials as needs and information change.

Benchmarking best practices and lessons learned, this company is measuring the success of the users, and have identified the need of some users to embrace the new technology.

Learning Technologies - Aristocrat Technologies

The Learning Technologies Area of Expertise emphasizes the ability to apply a variety of learning technologies to address specific learning needs.

This year’s honoree demonstrated application of learning technologies in alignment with long term business goals. Technologies were selected that increased efforts in Training Delivery, aided in Knowledge Management, and added precision to the Instructional Design process. An ongoing mobile coaching program is deployed to reinforce learning after the training event. The business results called out an increase of learner participation, product knowledge and ease of learner tool use, with a reduction of accidents and injuries.

Managing Learning Programs - Nevada State Bank

The Managing Learning Programs Area of Expertise is centered around providing leadership to execute an organization's people strategy through implementation of training projects and activities.

The winning submission outlined multi-year efforts to elevate the contributions, value and credibility of the company’s L&D team. Content was updated to focus on learning transfer and behavioral change. New programs were developed in alignment with the organization’s strategic initiatives.

Business results include the L&D team having a voice at the table, being included in strategic planning meetings, with increased requests from customer groups to partner on learning needs.

Performance Improvement - Allegiant Travel

The Performance Improvement Area of Expertise emphasizes an organization's ability to apply a systematic process for analyzing human performance gaps and for closing them.

This year’s honoree demonstrated solid planning, strong analysis, well thought out solutions, and successful execution of a performance issue intervention. They detailed collaborative efforts in working with several customer groups. Business results included federal regulating auditors recognizing the efforts as an industry ‘best practice.’

Training Delivery - Dale Carnegie of Nevada

The Training Delivery Area of Expertise focuses on the ability to deliver effective training sessions through understanding of instruction design theory & methods, use of presentation techniques & tools for determining learning preferences, and incorporation of individual learning styles and cultural differences.

Our winner demonstrated techniques to individualize the learning experience for each participant. Using pre-training assessments, they gain information to customize the learning experience, ensuring each participant is getting the development they need. Facilitators use the information to provide real time coaching to support transferable performance change.


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