Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long ago can the project have started?

The project will have started within the past 2 years and have measurable results by the time of submission.

2.  How long are submissions open?

Submissions will remain open until 2nd week of February

3. How do I recall my submission (ex. If I left my company, company request to remove…) ?

Email Steve Hodgson.

4. When are winners announced?

Awards are announced at Tribute – submitters should make every effort to attend the celebration.

5. How do you ensure the judging is fair?

The judges are anonymous to all members including the board and as part of the submission process, person and company identifiers are removed.

6. Can I/we include names or identifiers in the submission? 

No, remove all names and anything that can identify the company in the submission.

7. Are attachments allowed?

Yes, but all company branding/identifiers should be removed

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