What is Tribute to Learning?

The Tribute to Learning award spotlights your organization, consulting group, or client work for its creativity, innovation, and transformational, future-oriented approaches to learning – the best Talent Development Leaders in Southern Nevada!

To celebrate the accomplishment, winners receive a tangible award as well as recognition, along with photographs, on the chapter website and social media.

Past winners include Janek Performance Group, Geotab, Inclusive Pixelation, Mission Support & Test Services, Hilton Grand Vacations, Operations Service Systems – and many more!

Why should I submit a project?

Each year, chapter members are invited to submit their talent development accomplishments by explaining how they addressed the need:

  1. Determining and identifying the need for your project/solutions
  2. Deciding on the project/solution
  3. How did you execute your project/solution?
  4. What were the results of your project/solution?

    Projects must leverage ATD’s Talent Development Capability Model, organized into three domains of practice: Building Personal Capabilities, Developing Professional Capabilities, and Impacting Organizational Capabilities. Knowledge and skill statements across 23 capabilities outline the specific content required for the successful and effective practice of talent development. Click here for more information about the model.

    An esteemed panel of judges (those with APTD or CPTD certification) reviews the anonymous submissions (no company names or other identifying information) to score and determine the winners.

    What’s in it for me?

    Award winners are announced during the annual Tribute to Learning Awards Celebration. This interactive and engaging event includes delicious food, great conversation, networking opportunities, and many raffled prizes!

    Nominees should send at least one representative to the event to accept the award should they win – or bring the whole group!


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