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ATD Greater Las Vegas chapter meetings bring Las Vegas' best workplace learning professionals together to network, share industry best practices, and keep up with the latest training and development trends.

From informative guest speakers to engaging workshops, you and your organization will find real value at an ATD Chapter meeting. See for yourself. Register for our next meeting today.

Upcoming Events

    • 17 Sep 2021
    • 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM
    • Live On-Line Event (log-in information provided after registration)
    • 14

    Inclusive & Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

    Emotional intelligence is one of the most fundamental strategic skills for effective leadership, and in our current environment, the ability to connect with others is more important than ever before. While self-awareness and the ability to manage oneself is a piece of that, understanding and influencing others is essential. Being successful requires a leadership mindset that embraces empathy and diversity. In this engaging 1-hour program we will discuss the four aspects of emotionally intelligent leadership with an emphasis on inclusivity.

    In this session, Sarah Eppink, Aisling Group, LLC,
    will lead participants through:

    • Emotional intelligence: your strategic asset
    • The 6 behaviors of inclusive leaders and how they overlap with emotional intelligence
    • Managing yourself 
    • Partnering with others
    • The new lens of inclusion post-Covid and returning to work
    • Expressing empathy

      This session applies to the following areas of the ATD Capability Model:

      Personal Capability:

      • Communication
      • Emotional Intelligence and Decision-Making
      • Collaboration and Leadership
      • Cultural Awareness and Inclusion
      Professional Capability:
      • Career and Leadership Development

      Log-in information for this virtual event will be provided after registration.

      • 29 Sep 2021
      • 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM
      • Live On-Line Event (log-in information provided after registration)
      • 34

      The ATD Las Vegas Chapter is pleased to host a monthly Instructional Design Special Interest Group (SIG) called Las Vegas Learning Lab. Whether you are a new Instructional Designer, looking to expand your skills, grow your capabilities, network with others, or develop a portfolio - we welcome you to join us!

      This month's Demonstration and Practice Session: Telling your customer, "You don't need training to solve the problem!"

      • Participants will go through the process to identify alternatives to developing and delivering new training. 
      • Participants will receive a systematic process to identify the real cause and a working solution to performance gaps.

      Join the Las Vegas Learning Lab and grow your skills to create effective and engaging training.

      At our meetings the group will develop small projects they can add to their portfolio, experience using various tools, and learn from guest experts in the field.

      Log-in information for this virtual event will be provided after registration.

      • 19 Nov 2021
      • 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM
      • Live On-Line Event (log-in information provided after registration)
      • 34

      Learning Measurement Using Impact Process Mapping

      Learning measurement involves a variety of factors from basic items like quality of design and delivery all the way to financial cost/benefit. In order to have a complete view on the key learning measurement elements one must start with a solid process map. This session will present a complete impact process map design by and for learning professionals. It will review not only basic measurement needs like quality of learning, but differentiate between a business outcome (ex. sales) and a talent outcome (ex. culture) and offer clear and simple methods to collect and report on these measurement items.

      In this session, Jeffrey Berk, COO Performitiv will cover the following objectives:

      • Introduce a learning process map
      • Learn how to apply the process map to build your measurement strategy
      • Review how to connect the process map to data collection and reporting

        This session applies to Impacting Organizational Capability in the  ATD Capability Model.

        About the Presenter:

        Performitiv is a learning impact optimization technology company. As COO, Jeffrey helps shape the strategy and manages day to day operations. Jeffrey has been in the learning measurement field for nearly 20 years. He has co-authored two books on human capital analytics. He is an adjunct professor on performance measurement and process improvement in Chicago. 

        Log-in information for this virtual event will be provided after registration.

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